Illustrations by Kyle Platts

June 21, 2012

Pleasantly vibrating plasticine hues, wrinkling, sweating flesh, flying chicken drumsticks, dismembered body parts, and reoccurring patterns are some of the contests within Kyle Platts illustrations that make up his world of disgusting, enthralling, hyper-detailed comic-style drawings. HIs works, whether for a commercial project or for his own personal portfolio, are grotesque and funny, envisaging adolescent fascinations with a refined and matured skill-set that exhibits unrivaled craftsmanship (the drawing of Dora the dog included here shows what happens when Kyle draws from life). Each work contains its own microcosm of happenings rendered in Kyle's easily recognizable hand, one that applies a set of mark-making techniques that morph and adapt to various forms deep in the artist's imagination soon to be delivered in various drawings, zines, comics, or commercial works.