Yukari Terakado's Explorations

April 03, 2013


Yukari Terakado’s work is just so damn good.  It weaves metaphor and pop culture with themes of death and eroticism with finely drawn details and light, brooding colors.  Yukari’s oeuvre hits the senses hard and direct.


Yukari lives in Japan where she is a designer by day and an illustrator by night.  She works from digital to pencil back to digital where she digitally colors the final pieces.  The process and location both have their effects on what she does.  The visuals she presents involve very sexy women often in the midsts of longing stares with a hints of Japanese culture  - more Japanese than western - but with a incredibly nice dash of European fashion.  The seemingly adolescent women that exist here help bring about a sense of nostalgia to the viewers, which adds to the pop culture appeal of Yukari’s work but it also deepens it’s mystery.



Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic   

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