July 09, 2012
wunderkammer_small Redd Walitzki - "Sea Change (Closeup)"

The “Wunderkammer” collection of artwork pays tribute to the early days of scientific and medical discovery, the Gentleman Scientist of ages past, and their Cabinets of Curiosities. This collection will showcase the talents of artists with an emphasis on illustration and object making, featuring drawings of a botanical, scientific and medical nature.


The human drive to collect, catalog, examine, and understand the natural world is inexorable. From Audubon's ornithological drawings to medical encyclopedias, from Natural History museums to children's insect collections, the curiosity of the human species knows no bounds. By understanding and naming the world we not only exercise our dominion over it, but also express our profound awe and worship of its wonder, beauty, and terrible power.


"Wunderkammer" will be showing at True Love Art Gallery in Seattle, WA, from July 12th - August 8th.


The Artists' Opening Reception will take place on July 12th, from 6PM - 9 PM.


Participating Artists:


Siolo Thompson, Laura Hines, Larkin Cypher, Levi Hastings, Redd Walitzki, Michelle Anderst, Jethaniel Peterka, Yvette Endrijautzki, & Scott Dalrymple



Levi Hastings - "Canyon"



Laura Hines - "Pharaoh's Profile"



Siolo Thompson - "Oblivion"



Yvette Endrijautzki - "The Triumph of the Aquanaut"