Works by Melissa Murray

October 23, 2012


'My work stems from a deep interest in psychoanalytical interpretation and the conscious and unconscious effects of human action. In my drawings, animals symbolize sincerity in life, a seemingly degenerative trait in our current human consciousness. When placed amongst our refuse or shown imitating human cutthroat tendencies, my work aims to procure a heartbreaking realization of just how far we have fallen off the natural path. The scenes are taken directly from a daily documentation of my dreams and collaged childhood memories. Combined, the images act as a catalyst for a shared metaphor, much like the reveries of our slumber. My drawings are based on moments. Energy, movement or lack there of is important to express a passing instance, a fleeting thought still moving through time. Much like the music that inspires the majority of my waking life, I aspire to create an image that will walk with the viewer through a moment in time, capturing a multitude of emotions and sensations.' Melissa Murray is based in New York.