Woodcuts by Mitch Frey

April 25, 2014
  'As a kid, Mitch Frey drew cars, goofy faces and trees... lots of trees. As a teenager, he moved on to unsolicited portraits of his teachers. After losing his camera on a Central America study tour, Mitch found himself sketching campesinos and wood fire stoves.    Over the next decade, Mitch studied social anthropology and facilitated experiential education in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Although he created posters and illustrations as part of this effort, his art was mostly sidelined.    In 1992, a life drawing class convinced him that a career in art would play to his greatest strengths. Mitch quit grad school and signed up for art classes. Within a couple of years, he went freelance.   Mitch started out mainly as a woodcut artist. The style was pretty trendy in the '90s, and he enjoyed the craft. With the new millennium, he diversified his offerings with a WPA-inspired poster style. Lately, Mitch has been busy creating info-graphics with a simple vector look. Whatever the style, Mitch thrives on the challenge of bringing concepts to life, and the process of collaboration that produces excellence.'   (via Monde Mosaic)