Vibe Israel: Klone Studio Visit / Alfred Gallery

December 23, 2013

This past week, as Juxtapoz's illustration editor, I was granted a trip out to Israel to explore the rich cultural and creative landscape in and around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I came across the two person show Klone and Meshullam put together at Alfred Gallery, and set up some time to chat with the amazingly accommodating artist Klone in his studio in southern Tel Aviv. 

Klone moved from Ukraine to Israel back in 1994 and is inspired by Ukrainian folk culture, among other things. 'My work deals with memories, my own and the ones I manage to collect in everyday life from surroundings, if its my childhood in USSR or the coming to Israel, if its the layers of the city, walls crumbling apart and graffiti covering and being covered, people getting old and the new generations appearing every moment, the search is endless- thus my work of documenting it is still long, I learn a new language that invents itself along the way.' Thanks to Vibe Israel and Kinetis for making the connection possible.


Alfred Gallery is a cooperative gallery for contemporary art in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  It was founded in September 2005 and is run by the artists. The gallery started out in a small space in Florentine, one of Tel Aviv’s most hype and vibrant neighborhoods, and was the first art gallery to open in the south of Tel Aviv. Our agenda is to present our art and encourage and support other young artists by exhibiting their work, thus giving them exposure to the Israeli art scene; Alfred is a non-profit organization, and there is no for-profit contract between any artist and the gallery


.-Hannah Stouffer

Print / Web Editor