Veronique Meignaud's Otherworldly Life Forms

April 02, 2013

Veronique Meignaud has taken her training in art school, working for video game designers and in the fashion world and put it all into her art.  And with astounding use of color.  The sense of Sci-Fi technology affecting the (also Sci-Fi) subjects in her pieces is one of my favorite characteristics as it seems so 21st century to me.  And I love artists who are trying to build upon the histories that lay behind them.

Veronique works in Montreal where she starts her work with a pure idea and lets it grow into itself.  Within this growth other characters appear, figures begin to warp and totally become part of their surroundings.  The scenes that develop are spectacular ones, intriguing.  I often find myself visiting her website again and again because I just simply don’t want to miss something she’s created nor do I want to let the images of her work completely leave my mind.  


Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic
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