Spoke Art is honored to announce UnReal Estate X - an all new solo exhibition a decade in the making. Longtime Spoke Art artist, Tim Doyle is taking us on one last tour of his favorite pop culture destinations and we are inviting you along. With his signature illustrative approach, the artist has created a collection of original artwork and accompanying limited edition screen prints. To celebrate this momentous occasion we are traveling to Doyle’s hometown of Austin, TX to host the show.

An accomplished illustrator that has worked with pop culture juggernauts: Marvel, Hasbro and Image, Doyle has attracted a loyal following of admirers throughout his career. Over ten years ago, we debuted Tim’s first UnReal Estate artwork at our San Francisco gallery. Dozens of lairs, castle, homes, offices, and secret headquarters later, Doyle continues to capture the emotion and nostalgia that binds us to pop culture.

The exhibition will be on view for four days at Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery in East Austin. Along with new original artwork and limited edition screen prints, Tim will be also be offering artwork from previous UnReal Estate exhibitions..