Tracing The Origins of 420 With Lagunitas and The Waldos

April 20, 2018

Homebrewing, homegrowing, Northern California hippies, Northern California beer nerds, and a whole lot of heady shit, Lagunitas is familiar with all the above. Their iconic brewery was founded in the mysterious northlands beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, now nestled in the heart of Petaluma, and only about 20 miles from the birthplace of the term "420." To celebrate the surprisingly intersected worlds of weed and beer, Lagunitas teamed up with the Waldos, who actually created the term 420 (which I didn't believe either, but it's real) for a limited beer release called Lagunitas Waldos' Special Ale. The famous San Rafael stoners actually went down to the brewery, tasted and tested the beer, and Lagunitas is dropping it today.

In promoting their headiest brew to date, they invited Juxtapoz on a schoolbus tour through Marin County with a variety of beer enthusiasts, marijuana entrepreneurs, and even a few marijuana journalists, (who are also very real and have an encyclopedic knowledge of marijuana.) We drank, smoked (it's legal in California,) and rode through the beautiful forests and small towns where Lagunitas got off the ground, noting the similarities between the congruent quests for good weed and good beer.

Don't take our word for it though, they made this comic with James Yamasaki which chronicles the rise of the Waldos, their quest for a hidden weed patch, their signature codeword, and its spread from San Rafael High School to the far reaches of the whole weed world. 

They also made this recap video of the shared history, and features some of the Lagunitas crew, one of the Waldos, and lots more.