TOPSAFE LONDON Presents MOST ODDINISM: An Art Exhibition At The Rotunda In Miami

December 02, 2013

The upcoming “Most Oddinism” exhibition presented by Topsafe London explores the boundaries of the plane where visual forms and letters meet. This new realm of meaning- making sees images reduced,shapes and colour planes melded, and artists speaking in entirely new visual languages—with “Most Oddinism” featuring eight of the most fearless explorers of this brave new art world. Together in a sprawling concrete space in the Design District (steps from Art Basel), these artists—working under similar themes but with strikingly individual results—will have their most groundbreaking works on show. The exhibition kicks off on the 4th of December and will run throughout Art Basel, challenging viewers to reconsider their notions of how meaning is made in contemporary art, but moreover the myriad ways it may be translated.

Artists participating in the show include Espo, distinguished for his conceptual typographic work; Roids MSK, famed for his distinctive and mind-boggling style both on the street and in the studio; Aaron De La Cruz, praised for his signature patterned motif on a variety of surfaces; Kenji Hirata, a painter who works with a range of materials, icons and symbols; Christopher Derek Bruno, who combines woodwork with a digital aesthetic; Ben Flynn, a writer-turned-graffiti artist whose work centres on the shape and form of letters; Otto Zitko, an acclaimed artist of abstract wall drawings; and Patrick Martinez, whose recent work includes arresting pieces of text in colourful neon lights.

With so many trailblazing artists—or, rather, visual communicators—under one expansive roof, this is not a show to be missed. As the lines between signs and meanings increasingly become blurred, there are few better places to clearly hear the new voices of the art world than at The Rotunda this December.