Kathryn Polk is a virtuoso lithographer, her prints a wonderful mix of superb draughtsmanship, childish play and printmaking techniques.

Much of her work is influenced by music, rhythm, which she says helps her find her way through the lithographic process: "Music is such a critical aspect for me, I literally choreograph the music that will get me through this process and when I’m graining a stone, I have to have something so hard and so fast to get me through graining. When I’m printing, I need a rhythm to move me on … music gets me through it. It paces me."

The subject matter so simple; everyday activities, chores, relationships between women, mothers and daughters and so on, the same characters recurring over and over again. Most incredible is the fact that Polk only started making lithographs when she hit her 50’s. Since then her prints have been exhibited widely, her work in many collections around the world.