The Revival of Frank Olinsky

August 08, 2013

Brooklyn based artist Frank Olinsky, the man who brought us the original MTV logo- one of the most iconic logos of our time, has recently collaborated with San Francisco based boutique After Life on a series of exclusive apparel, presenting a revival of his classic work. 

Olinsky is still currently working as a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator, with a wide array of projects and clients under his belt, including The MTV logo, album art work and packaging for Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Philip Glass and many more. Now he teaches at Parsons School of Design.  Back when he started Manhattan Design, with two others, they got the job to come up with a logo for a big corporation,  Warner Amex,  who was planning a 24-hour music cable television station, MTV.   Soon after the MTV logo was approved. The next, and probably most revolutionary part of the story came when they were asked to come up with the “corporate colors” for the logo. The decision was made that there weren’t any, and that the logo should always change. Knowing that many animators, designers, ad agencies, etc. were going to be working with the logo made them think how, just like rock music always changes, the logo should also. This was a concept that had never been used on a logo before. The “M” and the “TV” could be made of any colors and/or materials.

'Back in 2006 my brother and I came across the original vintage "Punk Tut" t-shirt.  We held onto it all these years because we loved the illustration so much.  Early 2013,  while working on launching our online shop,, I came across this shirt again and decided to research the name.  It was signed Frank Olinksy.  I was so happy to find out that he did the MTV logo and since I loved his illustrations so much I wanted to make them available for people to wear.' says Danielle Teller of After Life Boutique. They are currently carrying the exclusive printed t-shirts with some of his original illustrations from 1979 and are available on their website HERE Buy the shirts and to read and learn more about the artist,  or if you' re in San Francisco, visit out store location at 988 Valencia street (between Liberty and 21st)