The Miscreants of Tiny Town

March 14, 2016

The Miscreants of Tiny Town is an ongoing series of interwoven, darkly satirical fairy tale vignettes whose visual narratives Alex Kuno has been expanding on for several years. "I’ve presented the trials and tribulations of Tiny Town’s ever-imperiled, wayward children in various forms over the years," says Kuno, "from mixed media paintings on hand-carved pieces of wood, drawings on paper, to sculpture and installation.

The kaleidoscopic compositions are by turns whimsical and melancholic, tinged with both nostalgia and a sense of the macabre. I think of them as playful investigations into the sometimes violent imaginings that are part of the universal experience of childhood. I’m specifically interested in how the longings and fears and dark stories from our early years inform our perspectives in adulthood and shape our grown-up anxieties and understanding about real-world, large-scale cultural, economic and environmental change."

The above images are from Tiny Town and Kuno's more recent series, Orpheus and Eurydice.

via booooooom