Alphachanneling is a Swiss-born American artist based out of Oakland, California whose erotic artwork is a testament to the metaphysical plane of sexuality, exploring the more unseen facets of sex rather than the physical. He refers to his own artwork as a "devotional prayer to the feminine principal."

Alpha Channeling draws to worship female power, the female body, and pleasure. He is inexplicably driven to make a visual philosophy."Central to my process is ... channeling, an ongoing cultivation through a deep relationship I have with several master-teachers," he says. "Spiritual in practice, the images I produce are simple thought-waves ... I look towards Taoism and tantra, pornography and folk art, BDSM and the divine, the mystical and the occult, indigenous and outsider art alike ... Alphachanneling lives in a boundless world called the Utopian Erotic, a world of magical pussy, radiant women, bedroom jungles and temples of light."