If you don't know the work of Jamie Hewlett, we bet you do anyway. Hewlett is the artistic co-creator behind "Tank Girl" and the virtual band "Gorillaz" and award-winning comic book artist, designer, and director. Today Hewlett deserves a little love for his iconic style, attitude and contributions to the world of character design. 

Jamie Hewlett's artistic talents became apparent early on in life. While still at school he contributed to the artwork of a road safety campaign that ended up runner-up in a national television competition. As a student in the 1980s his graphic art was spotted by the founders of the newly launched Deadline magazine and was asked to contribute a number of cartoons. The most successful of these, Tank Girl, was an anarchic strip about a teenage punk who drove a tank and had a mutant kangaroo for a boyfriend. It went on to become phenomenally successful, spawning dedicated comics, books and even a film adaptation. In the 90s he created the artwork for a number of bands. While sharing a flat with Blur singer Damon Albarn the pair hit upon the idea of a cartoon band, Gorillaz. 

In May 2006 his album and related artwork for Gorillaz led to him being named Designer of the Year. The chair of the jury, Sir Christopher Frayling, chairman of Arts Council England and rector and professor of cultural history at the Royal College of Art, summed up his achievements perfectly saying, "Jamie Hewlett has not only created a personal mythology with the virtual band Gorillaz, he has also created designs for the direction in which technology and culture are going, the shape of things to come."