Steve Kim's Modern Art  

April 01, 2013


Steve Kim is a mystery.  Both in the depth of his creativity and also, I’m not entirely sure where he came from  (I mean metaphorically - he’s from Seoul, South Korea).  He’s seemingly always been around.  Not that I mind though because during the years of curating Supersonic, Steve and I have become great friends and his insights into art and design have been enlightening and honest.  (And yes, sometimes puzzling.)


In the past when I’ve written about Steve I’ve described him as the Steve Jobs of art and I still feel that way.  He subtracts the things that are not needed and still ends up with something beautiful.  And just like Steve Jobs was so passionate about how the inner workings of his devices were also beautiful, the inner workings of Steve Kim’s artwork are just the same. Steve writes at length, sometimes sharing these writings on his website, about his work and the ideas behind them.  But my relating Steve to Steve also has to do with Kim’s obsession over technology, a facet of his work that I think is quite important.  


Like some new technologies, people have yet to completely catch on to Steve Kim.  But this is ok, I’m giving you the secret ahead of time.  And so is Steve.



Curated by Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic

Follow him at @supersonicart