Sebastien Cuypers' Bones Brigade

November 30, 2012


With his 'Bones Brigade' series, french art director and illustrator Sebastien Cuypers proves cool never dies, creating a cast of hipster skeletons. Born in 1980, Cuypers started drawing early in his childhood. He adds elements of typography to his works which add to the overall image but simultaneously act as an autonomous and stand-alone features of the layout. Cuypers treats letters like characters, allowing them to have their own sense of strong individual expression. His designs are not bound to one single medium; Cuypers works as an art director for a communication agency, designs skateboards and customizes vinyl toys. Besides that he has a particular affinity for t-Shirt design which he calls his ‘first love’. He likes the way shirts communicate a message or a mood according to place and situation and sees an artist designed shirt as a kind of living support for self-expression.