Romanian Artist Georgiana Teșeleanu

June 04, 2014


'I was first inspired by mandalas which I discovered trough the work of Carl Jung. I find the shape of the circle to be the most generous with me, it gives me limits but also freedom to grow all kinds of worlds inside.' says artist Georgiana Teșeleanu on her symmetrical, geometric and circular renderings.


'The circles rise from a very personal place, and their purpose is to inspire and create emotion. Any emotion is good.

It was never in my plan to create art, it all came as a surprise .Interestingly enough, I’m a psychotherapist and while  learning to become one, I had to undergo a serious journey into my unconscious (I am still traveling) and by doing this for a while, it became really easy to me to express myself trough shapes and colors.


I always had a natural tendency to scribble and draw, but only recently it grew in a coherent form that I had the pleasure to share with others.' Interview found via Ape on the Moon