Robert Beatty Surreal-Scapes

January 15, 2014

'A television crashes in the desert, its neon guts spilling onto the black and white dirt of this new place. Plants take root, growing towards some unknown light. You have been here before. A wall of televisions flickers on, static and golden lips. Your eyes taste the light. You wake up.

An unsung contemporary of artists like Cory Arcangel and Ryan Trecartin, Robert Beatty repurposes the tools of outmoded technology, creating hybridized drawings, videos, sculptures, music and installations that blur sensory boundaries. In Beatty’s recurring dreams, the artificial and organic are one. Televisions give birth to videos or plants or sounds. Hot glue stalagmites grow up from glass-encased platforms, while jade plants languish in mason jars. The cumulative effect is the creation of a new place, familiar and distant.

Beatty is primarily known as a founding member of Hair Police, a noise band based in Lexington, Kentucky but has also produced a seemingly endless number of music videos and illustrated countless record covers. Cream Grid Reruns is the first solo-exhibition of Beatty’s work, a synesthesia-invoking installation exploring the intersections of technology and imagination.' -Phillip March Jones

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