Ravi Zupa's "Countdown to Justice" Prints

April 06, 2017

Artist Ravi Zupa has teamed up with Bay Area-based Art Responders on a series of prints that he originally carved from the interior of ordinary traffic cones on an antique printing press (see video below). The majority of the text in the posters is lifted from Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Vince Staples and styled in the veign of 19th century mexican printmaker, Jose Guadalupe Posada, one of Zupa's favorite relief artists. The prints will be released every time an unarmed citizen is killed by police and all profits will be donated to the victims and local advocates. If there are no incidents, they will celebrate by selling the first print for $1.

"Sometimes it can seem like police violence against unarmed black Americans is a problem on the rise in our country. When actually it has only become more visible. There is some evidence in fact, that the public outcry has had an impact on the problem and that 2016 saw fewer of these incidents than 2015. In recent months however, since the election of our new president, this particular issue has receded from view to some degree but the problem persists and it is extremely serious. I have never experienced this particular kind of loss but I did lose my father and later a brother, both to complicated and troubling violence, so I can empathize to some degree. My heart hurts every time I learn of these horrible events. I created these three prints, as a way to raise money to help combat the problem when and where it happens."  –Ravi Zupa

For more information about the "Countdown to Justice - Emergency Fund" prints, click here.