OMOCAT's Animated Illustrations

April 09, 2014

OMOCAT creates amazing anime-inspired illustrations which she then animates into gifs, adding the flicker of a tv screen or a tesselating rainbow pattern. 'OMOCAT's personal work is evoked by misunderstanding caused by the generation gap in this world of rampant technology and by the constant oppression she faced in her early years imposed by others's ideas of etiquette, beauty, and restrictions of being a girl. Like many, she finds it easier to relate to fictional characters as opposed to real people. Consequently, her fan work gives meaning to something that many think of as solely entertainment. Above all, OMOCAT wants to make things that are meaningful. She uses her work to spread her truths and to emit just a bit of hope. She wants you to know that even in this world where you are told to stop watching cartoons and grow up, told that anime isn't real art and games are only for the lazy, told that you have to pretend to be someone else to be accepted; and where dreams are carefully crafted and then revealed to have a strict time limit, that it is possible to live by doing what you love.'