Nychos "Monochrome Organism" @ Juddy Roller

Mar 11, 2017 - Mar 24, 2017Juddy Roller, Melbourne

In this new exhibition, Monochrome Organism, Nychos goes back to his roots, giving the Australian public a glimpse of his creative process: every big wall starts with a sketch, and some of these are developed further to become ink on paper artworks. These drawings represent the ideas, concepts and experiments created by Nychos that help guide him to create even more accurate and detailed murals. The works created for Monochrome Organism show the importance of the attention to anatomical detail in his work: the correct position of the bones, organs and skin are key to creating a realistic cross section, dissection or translucency, and to achieve new levels of realism and expression. Nychos puts countless hours into his anatomical studies and this is reflected in Monochrome Organism. Recently, together with animal skulls, Nychos has also been very interested in human anatomy and surgical studies, so it is no coincidence that he has chosen the cross-section of a foetus as the main image for the exhibition.

" I am very excited to be showing my works in Australia for the first time, since I know there are many people here that really appreciate my work, and am looking forward to the opening of Monochrome Organism at Juddy Roller Gallery."  —Nychos