Winnie Truong has a new body of work that is a departure from her signature style but maintains her strong voice. She wrote us from her current residency in Norway to tell us more about this new work.

“Paper Cuts was created at Doris McCarthy's Fool’s Paradise. Doris was a beloved Canadian landscape painter who endowed her home and studio to be used as an artist residency upon her passing. This lady was a quiet badass who painted rough Canadian landscapes until her passing at 100, she never married, never had kids and instead taught art her entire life. Doris slowly built her house on her own and made different additions throughout the years.

I had a stack of toned paper when I went into the residency, with an interest in creating paper sculptures. As I worked, it became more evident that I was interested in some of that dimensionality, but it was really about playing with the paper and using the process of cutting and collaging, and combining figures, until distinct narratives and personalities emerged.

The work is quite different and is a direct result of this new environment and routine of this two-month residency. I really took it as an opportunity to work in creative isolation, while I only left for a weekly trip for provisions, I never returned to my obligations in the city, so it was nice really lean into my imagination of what Doris's work and life was about, this badass lady perched upon the bluff. The work that emerged has this mythological narrative, a lot of it owes to the history of paper cut work and its association to traditional folklore and folk customs all across cultures.” See more of Winnie Truong’s work on Erin Stump Projects website, where her Paper Cuts show is on view for just one more day.