My Country is Full of Ghosts

January 27, 2012

An artist should observe and describe the time in which they live. They should SEE the world around them, the people that fill their lives, the places that they populate. The artist should attempt to record and reflect the important issues of their time and bring attention to those things that matter. I believe this and I consider myself to be an observant person and yet I refuse to see people everyday. The homeless guy that approaches me in front of the grocery store; I look away because I know he's going to ask me for something. I see his bundles and rags, I see his dirty clothes but I don't look at his face. He is just another ghost.

This series of drawings is my way of acknowledging my failure as a human being and as an artist. It is also a challenge to myself andothers. TheseĀ  empty human shapes are people who deserve to really be seen and acknowledged. Illustrator Siolo Thompson.