May 10, 2014

Moroso Projects is pleased to announce WAITING ROOM, a group exhibition of works by Facundo Argañaraz, Bailey Hikawa, Joey Piziali and Sean Talley. Preceding the inception of Moroso Projects, the gallery space once served as a reception area for Moroso Construction. WAITING ROOM uses this history as an entry point to explore the relationships between these artists’ work and practices, each tethered through the common language of abstraction.

The exhibition encourages the works to coexist with one another, evoking unexpected tensions and visual narratives. A waiting room is easily associated with sometimes tense and banal experiences but can also serve as a catalyst for unexpected interaction and outcomes; an unassuming space charged with potential and possibilities. It is these possibilities that WAITING ROOM seeks to explore, through the dialogues that form within the exhibition.


WAITING ROOM is curated by Nate Hooper and Greg Ito.

SHOW RUNS: April 11 - May 30, 2014