Miron Milic Ridiculing Famous Dictators In One-Work Show in Zagreb, Croatia

July 19, 2017

Miron Milic recently opened an unconventional show in his hometown of Zagreb, consisting of only one large ink drawing on paper. For this one-work-show at the Zhitnjak ateliers in Zagreb, the artists known for his illustrative style and dark, humorous and often provocative imagery, introduced a pattern-like piece construed of headgear by some of the world's most famous dictators and "great leaders".

Hailing from Croatia, a country on the outskirts of turbulent Balkans, caps and hats worn by local historic anti-heroes are dominating this unusual piece along with a selection of internationally familiar ones. By minimizing the appearance of these powerful and regularly fearful figures to their often most recognizable feature, Milic is ridiculing these historic icons and reducing them to a clothing accessory. Frequently exaggerated and almost absurd in their design, these bicorns, caps, fezzes, and helmets create playful, carnival-like atmosphere when scattered on a paper, completely disconnecting them from the actions and legacy of their famous owners. —Sasha Bogojev