Miguel Montaner

February 22, 2013
Miguel Montaner has been developing his work as a professional illustrator since 2010, regularly contributing with press and other fields of illustration such as publishing, independent projects and publicity. He conceives illustration as a means of communication, a form of dialogue with the observer. Miguel gives his opinion and invites the observer to be submerged into the image, to reflect on it and to come to his or her own conclusions. He considers the conceptual value as the essence of the image. Therefore, he goes for simple and synthetic graphics in order to transmit the concept as efficiently as possible.

Since 2012 Miguel has been co-director of Crean, a medium between illustration and illustrators aimed at the divulgation and promotion of illustration. It consists of an online magazine and an independent publisher. This project is carried out with his profession colleagues and friends Mágoz and Miguel Porlan.