"Changing of the Seasons" comes to Hashimoto Contemporary SF as an acclaimed Japanese artist Ozabu visits for a solo show entitled Meguru, which reflects the cyclical shift. In hauntingly beautiful drawings, masterfully rendered in graphite, Ozabu interprets the subtle, nearly imperceptible transitions in nature in delicate detail. She captures the intangible breaths between seasons that “go away without saying goodbye” with ethereal and flowing marks.

The self-taught artist’s ethereal world is inspired by nature, mythology and a Japanese sensibility, her folkloric subjects, inhabiting a liminal space between reality and spectral. Delicate figures commune with oversize flora and fauna in intimate drawings, inviting the viewer to step inside.

In addition to the exhibition, Ozabu will release a limited edition print in collaboration with Pressure Printing.

Meguru opens November 2nd, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 pm, and is on view through November 23, 2019.