Max Dalton Reimagines Classic Pop Culture

Jul 08, 2017 - Jul 29, 2017SPOKE NYC, New York

Max Dalton is a widely acclaimed illustrator and graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dalton’s primary inspiration is the complex world of pop culture. MAXTAPE, Dalton's new show at SPOKE NYC, shows Dalton's application of his distinct illustrative style to beloved films, characters and musical artists.

For MAXTAPE, Dalton has created a wide range of limited edition prints, original pen and ink drawings, paintings and collectibles that infuse his mid-century aesthetic. By doing so, he allows the viewer to experience pop culture iconography in a humorous and playful light. As an homage to musical greats, Dalton has designed a series of vinyl album LP covers, creating alternative artwork for a variety of iconic albums. He has also drawn a series of pen and ink caricatures, each of an iconic musician, mid-song. Alongside these musical tributes is the painting series Universal Monsters which capture some of the great monsters of Universal films in classic portraiture style. Additionally, Dalton has created a variety of limited edition prints, toys and collectibles. Highlights include large format prints with subjects ranging from Amélie to Star Wars, Beatles playing cards and cassette tape cases filled with mini prints featuring pop culture figures.