Mash-Ups by Redmer Hoekstra

May 14, 2013

Redmer Hoekstra makes drawings that are perhaps the illustration-equivalent of a Mash-Up, throwing together two unrelated things, images or objects to create a strange new assemblage rendered in his characteristic scratchy pencil-work. "Weird things are my passion," says Hoesktra, a fact that is increasingly evident as you proceed further and further down through his extensive collections of imagined Mash-Ups. "I love being surprised and amazed at everything that comes across my path. I'll let my work speak for itself on that matter," he writes. Boasting such weird combinations as a mouse-car-pileup, a fingernail-clippergator, a chestnut-embryo, a seahorse-saxaphone and a foot-faced-giraffe, Hoekstra's work is playful, challenging and a little disturbing.