Marcas Gallery Grand Opening

July 12, 2014



“Corrective Course” at the newly opened Marcas Gallery features 40 contemporary artists, many making their debut in Orange county and one, Peruvian muralist Jade, making their U.S. debut. The show presents a variation of techniques and stylizations, including figurative contemporary painters, sculptural elements.

Filmed & Edited by Zane Meyer
Music by Glen Porter- Ask her Nicely and She Will Show You the Scars

Marcas Contemporary Art seeks to inspire, engage, and expand the accessibility of high quality contemporary art in Orange County, CA.  Through education and engagement, we aim to expand the knowledge and awaken the curiosity of our patrons by offering a carefully curated variety of workshops, classes, and tutorials as a guide to the expansive breath of the contemporary art scene. A true artists’ gallery, where the art comes first, we hope to nurture a new generation of talent and art enthusiasts by providing memorable interactions with the artists in an environment that encourages creativity, questions, discussions, and ideas. Our commitment to artists, patrons, and the community is simple: to bring quality contemporary art to Orange County.