Continuing his ongoing body of work that is focused on criticizing the modern, technology-obsessed society, Liqen recently presented a solo show with Positive Propaganda in Munich, directly continuing onto a mural painted there one year ago. On view through November, Homo Digitalis comprised of series of drawings on paper, depicting a post-apocalyptic future in which humans "evolved" into bionic creatures with their phones as an essential part of their body.

Non compromising in every aspect of his artistic expression, whether it's scale, technique, medium, or imagery, Liqen's work is a much-appreciated rarity in any form it might come in. And knowing his last solo show was all the way back in 2010 in Porto, it makes his recent Munchen exhibition that much more of a curiosity. Putting us in somewhat of a tricky situation to write in a digital format about the show whose one theme is showing devastating consequences of digitally interconnected world on humanity, we still wanted to share with you some of his fantastical yet worryingly relatable imagery.

LIQEN · HOMO DIGITALIS from Positive-Propaganda on Vimeo.

Using ink on paper as his primary and only tool, Spanish artist is cleverly portraying the relationship between technology and every aspect of human life. Family, upbringing, learning, relationship with nature, religion, communication, or sexuality, are some of the subjects which are bound to disappear as we know them according to his post-apocalyptic visions. Through highly detailed illustrative visual language Liquen is depicting the snapshots from an alternative reality where wires, cameras, and smartphones are not only an essential part of life but crucial parts of the human physique. The artist also released a limited edition print for the occasion, which is available through Positive Propaganda non-profit organization. —Sasha Bogojev