Kara Joslyn in "Snow Dream" @ Eleanor Harwood

March 06, 2012

"…met a woman on a star stream / in the middle of a snow dream…" — Stevie Nicks, Sorcerer


Eleanor Harwood Gallery is pleased to present "Snow Dream", a show of five artists working in a diverse range of media including traditional painting and drawing, sculpture, installation, and video. The works included explore themes of alchemy, geomancy, spellcraft, sacred geometries, and meditation as magic. Along with Kara Joslyn, other exhibiting artists include Alice Shaw, Anne J. Regan, Caroline Contillo and Kylea Borges. All of these artists are magicians in one way or another...


Magic is a system of rituals and methods for spiritual growth or manipulating aspects of nature. While in contemporary western society magic is frequently regarded with suspicion or relegated to the realms of fiction, artists have been upholding many of these traditions in isolation and secrecy. The women featured in this exhibition excel at manifesting their own realities through artistic practices.


"Snow Dream" is a group exhibition curated by Gaelan McKeown-Hickel. On view at Eleanor Harwood through March 31, 2012


Kara Joslyn is an artist living and working in Oakland, CA whose work explores the tradition of object making in paintings that document found objects — both ktischy and refined. Her process begins with sourcing photographic reference, which she curates by pairing selective images in dialogue with each other. This source material is then photocopied in black and white and rendered in paint — a document of a document, serving as an allegory for painting.


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