Juxtapoz x Skillshare: Shantell Martin Draws on Everything

July 31, 2017

Juxtapoz is currently partnering with Skillshare, an online education community where you can stream online workshops and classes. Skillshare classes cover a huge array of skills and interests and include subjects like graphic design, illustration, lettering, photography, and pretty much anything creative you'd want to learn. They're also offering Juxtapoz readers a free two month trial that'll allow you unlimited access to their platform.

Our last workshop review was on Aaron Draplin’s logo design course, so this time we decided to shift gears and take Shantell Martin’s “Drawing on Everything” course. We recently featured Shantell in our June 2017 issue, so getting even more of a glimpse into her process seemed natural. 


She starts the video by explaining her style: she draws on EVERYTHING. She described the few different pens and markers that she uses most often, and explains how these tools and materials can be the first step towards learning your own style. Once you have your tools, you can get going on the fun part; drawing.


The real focus of the course is to find your own creativity, because really everyone has a creative element to themselves. Martin uses 5 prompts to get people to overcome initial discomfort when trying to draw. The 5 ideas she encourages trying are drawing standing up, drawing with music, drawing while rotating paper, drawing blindfolded, and drawing while talking aloud. She explains that once you start drawing and allowing yourself to follow your hand, you can step back and realize that you’ve made something engaging and representative of yourself. We might not all be as talented as Shantell, but she makes drawing accessible and shows easy ways to get doing it and overthinking less. Her demeanor and energy make it easy to want to give it a try.


No matter what level of artist or enthusiast you are, we recommend giving this a try. You could end up making something beautiful or at least your own. Try being spontaneous and have some of your own performance.


If you're interested in learning a creative skill, try out the two month free trial. The classes don’t require your undivided attention and little lessons from each one can stick. Soon you may find yourself using these tips and pointers in your own work.