As the art world will come to a standstill for the next few weeks or months due the Coronavirus, Juxtapoz will be highlighting a series of films, classic interviews and documentaries that we hope people will watch during their downtime. For the past few years on our Instagram account, we have been presenting #JuxSaturdaySchool, informative and vintage shorts from the world of art, curated by Josh Jefferson. Now we will extend Jux Saturday School to our site, curated by the staff and contributors of Juxtapoz. Today, we take a look at discussions with, and on, the late great cartoonist and illustrtator of the 20th century, Romanian-born, American-based Saul Steinberg. (Thank you Grotesk for the rec!) 

Our magazine has long been established from the roots of R. Crumb, Zap! and other underground comics, and in many ways, Steinberg's content was the opposite of this influence and yet just as vital to a young group of illustrators we showcase today. From the New Yorker to Vogue, to being later in life represented by Pace Gallery, it is imporant to see his work as that continued relationship between high and low art forms. as was established by the institutional critics, not us. On his foundation site, they have a great anecdote: Saul Steinberg defined drawing as "a way of reasoning on paper," and he remained committed to the act of drawing... brilliant. In 1946, Steinberg was part of the legendary and critically acclaimed Fourteen Americans show at MoMA, New York, and you can see the breadth of his exhibition career here

We also have this wonderful presentation and overview of his work here... 

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