Justin Bartlett: Apparel for a cause

April 18, 2012
70 The Black Ink Warlock, a.k.a. Justin Bartlett, applies boundless visual style to depictions of the arcane. His developed portfolio representing clients of various trades exposes an illustrative language often derived from the occult, where theology and religion meet strife. Recently, he put together a t-shirt design called "Treasure" with the help of Shirts and Destroy to help fund his sister's recent battle with cancer- all proceeds go towards alleviating medical costs, please support!


Most of you only know me through my artwork. Some of you know me in real life and an even smaller amount of you actually know both my awesome sister Ashley and myself. My sister is one of my best friends, and one of most funny, witty, and fun to be around people that I know (we are after all, related). Ashley, who recently turned 28 years old was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in March. As you can imagine this was pretty devastating to our friends and family. The prognosis was very severe, with the possibility of not only having to remove tumours, but part of her stomach, colon, intestines, a multitude of lymph nodes, and worst of all a full hysterectomy.

On March 5th, she underwent emergency grueling surgery which seemed to last a day. Not only did the surgeons remove a 6" and an 8" tumor removed, they unfortunately had to perform a full hysterectomy. As bad as things ended up being, they could have been much, much worse, and the hospital was confident they removed a great deal of the spreading cancer. Although she has been recovering slowly but surely, Ashley had to have a shunt installed in order to deliver a chemotherapy treatment directly into her bloodstream.

These chain of events have been pretty stressful on her, our friends and family, and her fiance, Kenn (who she is marrying in July). Luckily she has a great support system of friends and family, but due to many complications with the "great" medical insurance system in the United States, and the fact that she won't be able to work for at least six months, there is also a heavy financial burden to be dealt with as well.

This is where we need your help!

I have put together a t-shirt design called "Treasure" with the help of Shirts and Destroy. All profits from the sale of this shirt will go to my sister to alleviate some of the medical costs and help with day-to-day expenses.

Even if you can't help out financially, please help spread the word by sharing this on facebooktwitter, or your website....or if you can spare a few bucks check out her cancer fund page at and donate there.

Thank you and help rid the cancer! Justin Bartlett / VBERKVLT