John Fellows

March 02, 2012
Recently, PangeaSeed brought their amazing shark finning awareness art show to the States for the first showing of "Sink or Swim" in North America. It was held in San Francisco at Spoke Art Gallery and only up for the weekend. The crowd was pretty insane (due in part to the release of a Josh Keyes print) and everyone seemed to love the work and be really receptive to the message of the horrible act of shark finning.

Once again I was lucky to be a part of such a great show. The piece I made is again in my linoleum carving collage style. I printed the carving onto a bunch of different found paper, cut everything out and then reglued it all back together to get the final piece. All the "color" you see is the tone of the paper the carving was printed on. The background is an old, used nautical chart.
More work by John Fellows below: