Jared Tharp's Visual Pseudo-Space

March 09, 2012
'Fairly often, my works are visual metaphors for stuff I'm going through personally. They also seem like weird worlds I can escape to that remind me of my childhood in the 80's.. or some super-rad place removed from shitty adult life / human problems... they document a clumsy coexistence of disembodied cartoon characters and blob-like forms in a pseudo outer space, which is often made up of a fractured geometry. Prior to their disembodied state, these cartoon character entities existed in a simple and naive cartoon world. Over time and perhaps due to their errors, they've found themselves lost in an unstable world, hoping to someday regain the existence they once had but only remember faintly.' Jared Tharp is a Stockton, CA based painter, illustrator and all around psychedelic dude.