Aishonanzuka Gallery in Hong Kong just opened a solo exhibition with former Juxtapoz cover artist (March 2010, n110, see below) and internationally recognized illustrator/painter/designer, James Jarvis. The opening coincided with their sister gallery, Nanzuka, showing Jarvis works at Art Basel Hong Kong. "The Waste Man" is Jarvis's debut with the gallery, as the London-based artist brought a series of larger, cluster-like pieces that are comprised of signature ink drawings, as well as couple of new air brush on canvas works.

Well known in Asia for his iconic vinyl toys and recognizable visual language that has seen projects with Coca-Cola, MTV, Nike, Sony or UNIQLO, Jarvis went back to his first and major form of expression: drawings on paper. Through the simple medium Jarvis is a visual philosopher reflecting on multiple aspects of daily life. His recognizable characters are expressing his opinions, doubts, thoughts as well as love and respect for skateboarding and street culture. Done exclusively with a brush pen, in sketch-like fashion, these fun little pieces can range from just depicting a moment from a skateboarding session to analytically questioning wide range of deeper subjects. It's their visual simplicity that puts the focus on the meaning behind each of the pieces, carried by Jarvis' dry humor and cleverness.

Constructed in a form of a wall hung notes, with individual drawings pinned on the background and enclosed in perplex, the show introduces a new direction for an artist whose work sources inspiration from creativity, philosophy, alternate realities, minimalism and again, skateboarding. 

Text and photos by @SashaBogojev

The show will on view through April 28, 2018 in Hong Kong