J.A.W Cooper's "Impermanence" in New York

Aug 05, 2017 - Aug 27, 2017Spoke NYC, New York City

SPOKE NYC is pleased to announce “Impermanence” a solo exhibition by acclaimed illustrator, J.A.W. Cooper. Based in Los Angeles, and working as a freelance illustrator, art director and fine artist, Cooper draws inspiration from nature, curio cabinets and fashion photography. Impermanence will be Cooper’s inaugural solo exhibition at SPOKE, in which she will explore themes of life, death and the urgency of ephemerality through her distinct surreal lens.

For Impermanence, Cooper has created a series of paintings and drawings on paper. The artist's graphite drawings highlight her signature flowing lines, while the paintings feature Cooper’s technique of gradually layering washes of acrylic or gouache over India ink. The scenes and figures depicted appear to oscillate between the paradoxical elements of strength and vulnerability, transforming them into metaphors for life and death. Cooper’s narrative based compositions explore the relationships between animals, nature and humans. These explorations create allegorical “folktales” which give the viewer a glimpse into the artists imagined “alternate reality”. Regarding her new body of work, the artist explains that it explores “the significance imparted by the urgency of ephemerality and of the rhythms of seasons and of life and death. Without the urgency we feel from the conscious knowledge of our own impermanence, our experience of life would be insignificant.”