Hermes' Only American Scarf Designer, Kermit Oliver

April 13, 2013

Legendary French designer Hermes is known for his highly expensive, luxurious silk scarves--each hand tailored and carefully commissioned by the designer. These scarves are each around $400, and Hermes has produced more than 2,000 designs over the years, working with numerous artists to achieve signature precision and beauty. Kermit Oliver is the only American designer to ever work for Hermes. Oliver is a 70-year old postman living in Waco, Texas, and he does not consider himself an artist. Rather, he works the graveyard shift at the Waco post office, goes home to paint a little, sleeps for a few hours, then starts the cycle over again. When asked why he isn't an artist by profession, he responds simply, "Painting is just something I do." This story is a testament to the wide variety of creative lives people choose to live.