Gildebeest: Octopi Process

December 14, 2012

'After pencilling to a degree that I pretty much know what everything looks like, I start inking with copic sketch pens. I use copic everything, really. At this point I am ironing out all the details - my pencil work tends to be sketchy and filled with little hairy construction lines, so inking is basically a decision-making process where I choose the exact line I want and fill in details of the solid blacks, cleaning everything up, sometimes penning in spontaneous additions if I feel the composition is a little lacking.'


'And then I scan. I am a huge, huge believer in the cult of scan-as-you-go, because you never know when you are going to irrevocably screw something up. This at least gives the assurance of a metaphorical cmd + z to fall back on. I’ve also gotten into the recent habit of trying to create 2 coloured versions of every piece: one in copic marker (my favourite and most comfortable medium), and one digital (because i sorely need the practice).'



'Usually for inspiration I either have a thing I want to draw in mind (like tentacles!), or I surf tumblr wildly. I look out for feelings, an odd juxtaposition of objects, a particular turn of pose or expression that resonates emotionally with me somehow. In all my art i’m trying to capture this headspace of vulnerability, loneliness, the psychology of the girl-self, that kind of thing... Built up feelings fossilized over the years, put through the filters of subconscious symbol and drawing. I never feel like I ever quite succeed, so i keep trying to capture it.' Illustration by Gildebeest

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