Eamonn O'Neill: I'm Fine Thanks

February 25, 2013


Eamonn O'Neill is a BAFTA nominated animation filmmaker. To date he has received multiple awards for his films & drawings and he is a 2012 graduate of the Royal College of Art animation MA program. Alongside his own short films he has worked on projects for Cartoon Network, The Irish Film Board & many others.  He is represented by Studio AKA as a commercial director & designer and currently lives and works in London.


'I’m most interested in stories that have an emotional depth and humanity at their core. These tend to be the types of films I really like to watch myself. As animation takes so long to do, it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm for a story and to carry that through a whole production – I need some sort of connection to the story to keep me engaged. The films I’ve made are drawn from a combination of my own experiences and feelings or from those I have observed or talked about with others.'

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I'M FINE THANKS from eamonn o neill on Vimeo.