Dwayne Bell & Lucy MacLeod: Convergence

April 13, 2012
convergence_thumbbig1 Lucy MacLeod, 2012


Scottish illustrators Dwayne Bell and Lucy MacLeod have come to together to combine visual forces in their new collection of individual and joint works entitled "Convergence." Spawned by their mututal obsessions with mid-20th century lifestyle illustration, pulp fiction covers, and vintage comic books, this retro-flavored show with a contemporary twist opens April 14th at The Outhouse in Edinburgh and runs through May 20th.


From the artists:

"Scottish illustrators Dwayne Bell & Lucy MacLeod possess mild obsessions with mid-20th century life style illustration, pulp fiction covers, vintage comic books, & retro photography/film.

This self admitted geekery, combined with a mutual appreciation for each other’s mark making and good old fashioned drawing skills, brought Dwayne & Lucy’s work to each other’s attention, spawning a new joint project- a collection of new works entitled ‘CONVERGENCE’.


Bell takes a confrontational approach to his pieces, embracing an aggressive masculinity that contrasts nicely with MacLeod’s focus on the feminine/decorative. Stepping out of their comfort zones, they’ve altered their usual approaches to image making, taking influence from each other’s styles. Their smaller pieces are a blatant mixture of elements from their individual works, combined… the results have a flavour of the pulp fiction book covers of the 50s & 60s but with a distinctively contemporary twist."



Dwayne Bell, 2012