David Shrigley Showing Work In a Skip

Jun 14, 2017 - Jun 18, 2017Skip Gallery, London

After the initial success of Skip Gallery’s launch in 2016, co-founders Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski recently announced Turner Prize nominee and Fourth Plinth artist, David Shrigley (and Juxtapoz x Superflat artist), for their second exhibition. Fitting the low-fi nature and their tendencies to fit the program "with the down to earthiness of it, and the ridiculousness of it", the show will open on 14th of June in the parking space on Hoxton Square in London.

The unique concept of showing art in a skip was created by the two London based creatives whose idea was to take the mundane and reimagine it. Constantly on the lookout for affordable space to work and show in London, and with urban development experience from their work with placemaking group Produce UK, the two came up with the idea of doing events in a skip installed in a public space. Using its familiarity and the curiosity of the public once they see it repurposed, Borowski and Baker created a way to organize exciting events on some of the most prominent places in the city. For their 2nd show they will be showing work by none other but David Shrigley who sees the skip as "just another space to make an artwork for". After producing work for the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar square, Glasgow-born artist enjoyed the fact that he "didn't have to make proposals or jump through any hoops to show in the skip". Initially proposed over a coffee with Lee in Brighton some 4 years ago, the show will finally include cast bronze letters that spell his recognizable line LOOK AT THIS. "It's going to be quite small and perhaps hard to see because it is a similar colour to the rusty interior of the skip" adds Shrigley about this unusual project. —Sasha Bogojev  

19 Hoxton Square:
Wednesday 14 June 2pm-9pm
Thursday 15 June 2pm-9pm
Friday 16 June 2pm-9pm
Saturday 17 June 11am-7pm
Sunday 18 June 11am-5pm

Thursday 22 June 2pm-9pm
Friday 23 June 2pm-9pm
Saturday 24 June 11am-7pm
Sunday 25 June 11am-5pm