Dark Matters @ Bash Contemporary, San Francisco

May 21, 2014

On May 31st, Bash Contemporary presents "DARK MATTERS," a three-person show featuring new works from Dave Correia, Caitlin Hackett and Robert Bowen. The show is a collection of new paintings and drawings chronicling 3 different nightmarish worlds seamlessly interacting with one another amongst their cold colors, distorted anatomy, expressive brush strokes and grotesquely accurate details. With their inhabitants ranging from demonic and supernatural to mechanic and animalistic, these haunting worlds are created by Dave Correia, Robert Bowen and Caitlin Hackett and will be on display at San Francisco's BASH CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, opening on May 31st from 6-9 PM.

DAVE CORREIA mixes charcoal, oil and acrylic paint to create a vibrant universe that, when observed, can reveal a lot about it's viewers. The inhabitants of these paintings are monsters to some viewers, but nurturers to others. Some may see pain and torment in one of Dave's pieces, where others will see liberation and resilience in the same panel. Saturated pinks and purples are physically bright, but emotionally dark. Regardless of the viewer's perception, however, Dave Correia's hyper-detailed, expressive paintings of beasts, bones, captors and gatekeepers present a world never seen before. 

ROBERT BOWEN creatively corkscrews wildlife and machinery, with the combinations often granting his newly-formed beasts supernatural powers such as fire-breathing and flight. Is this a not so distant future reality, or terrible road we should never go down. These mechanical beasts float free in a drippy, gradated limbo, that Robert has created with splashes and slashes of acrylic paint, as if on display in a jar, on a shelf, in a lab that should never exist.  

CAITLIN HACKETT creates a world filled with pseudo-mythical, mutated, and anthropomorphic creatures using ballpoint pen and watercolor as her primary mediums. Her unique mutations explore the ever shifting boundaries that separate what is considered Human from what is considered Animal, and how these boundaries are warped over time by science, mythology and religion alike.


Artist Reception

Saturday May 31st.

6pm - 9pm


Bash Contemporary

210 Golden Gate Ave.

San Francisco, CA