Daniel Stendardo's Porcelain Portraits

January 21, 2013
Daniel Stendardo is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, living and working between Lecce and Milan, Italy. His characters are immersed in everyday life with a new wave of retro glamor that characterizes the costume and trends of 2000. His works have a Victorian atmosphere, and his models, with their alabaster skin and dressed like porcelain dolls, enchant the viewer into a retro-futuristic world...
"Daniel Stendardo stands for the incredible ability to transfer the colors on the canvas using the technique aerografica spray. It 'always been fascinated by underground Californian rich pin ups, hot rods, sci-fi and rock' n 'roll. The final yield of each work of Banner is the exact synthesis of impeccable technique and a brilliant inspiration, which make all his work an amazing feast for the eyes of the beholder. " Luke Reindeer.