Beth Brown's Sketchbook Project

February 01, 2013

Beth Brown is a visual and sound artist, composer and musician practicing in Baltimore, Maryland. Her visual and sound work share a conceptual common thread of accumulation and texture as a means for creating complex systems that function as development of a language throughout her bodies of work. Through her individual drawings and sound pieces, installations, and albums, Brown explores the universal need to relate and problem-solve using an abstract vocabulary she has been generating with marks and sounds as her signifiers.


Brown was born in Houston, Texas on October 17th, 1988 to parents who were particularly encouraging of her artistic aspirations. Her mother is a practicing oil painter and writer and her father was a research scientist and electrical engineer with fifteen patents for his inventions. Deeply influenced by her parent’s creative pursuits, Brown began exploring different mediums and went on to graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a BFA in Painting and a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Since her graduation in 2011, she has produced her first album and begun working on a second album along with her most ambitious drawing installation to date. She plans on furthering her higher education and attending a graduate program pertaining to the visual and sound arts sometime in the near future.