Bargain Bin Blasphemy

May 02, 2013

"Bargain Bin Blasphemy" is a blog run by this dude who buys discount records from thrift stores and turns them into Satan-worshipping works of art. Bargain Bin has created such masterpieces as Michael Jackson's "Killer," The Beach Boys' "Endless Murder," "The Satanic Side of Cher," "Killy Joel Eats Shit" and the perennial "Satan" and Garfunkel's "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Pain." Bargain Bin has found the dark side of all these musical classics and catalogues them in diligent fashion on his blog. Hit this guy up if you're looking for some kitschy Satanic  remastering of your favorite Simon and Garfunkel Album. As Bargain Bin would say, "NOG, SATAN, AND THE DARK WAY."