Artist A Day Selection: Hollis Brown Thornton

February 29, 2012


VHS represents outdated things that are still around. Like ideas or beliefs that no longer serve their original purpose and the difficulty we have getting rid of them. And, the movies–they’re our way of telling stories, our modern myths and heroic adventures.


These ideas weave into his overall theme of “The Earth on the Back of the Giant Turtle,” a reference to a Native American creation myth. It relates to how the beliefs or values of one culture or time period are going to change or be completely obsolete in the future and how our relationship with reality changes, with that reality becoming more and more of a virtual or digital one today. The use of markers in the original drawings lightens up these themes, giving them a bit of youth and pizazz.


Hollis Brown Thornton is an artist out of Aiken, SC.


Guest Written by:

Kai Hansen, Geoff Pitchford and Dave Pitman

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